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The Malaysian Traditional Pancake is popularly known as 'Apam Balik' which means 'Turnover Pancake'. It gets its name from the way it is folded over when it is taken out from the special brass pan when it is cooked.

The traditional 'Apam Balik' is filled with ground peanuts, sugar and sweet corn. It is a favourite Malaysian street food and makes a delicious snack and delightful desserts. 

Other names for the Malaysian Pancakes are 'Ban Jian Kuih', 'Chin Loong Pau''Martabak Manis', 'Terang Bulan' and 'Apam Pulau Pinang'.

We serve deliciously unique and different pancakes using authentic Malaysian recipe. Freshly and traditionally cooked using Malaysian special brass pans which  make hot, mouth-watering and crispy pancakes. 

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We are on Astro Oasis TV broadcasted in Malaysia.

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We can also cater for party and other functions.

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Malaysian Night at Trafalgar Square in Central London


Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia tasted our pancake at Merdeka Carnival in Brickendobury, Hertfordshire.


Stall at Sunday Market in Brick Lane, East London